PH Balance Cleanse


PH Balance Cleanse


Includes pre-program & Post CLEANSE guidelines, 6 juices per day and? a SOS snack bar per day.

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Please order your detox 24 hours before you wish to collect as all detoxes are made early in the morning you wish to collect. Please indicate your choice of starting date.


We currently have two locations where you can collect your order: The Pureberry shop in Bryanston Shopping Centre, or our head office at 435 Rugby Avenue Ferndale. Additional collection venues are being added for your convenience. Please indicate your choice of collection point.


– Balances the bodies delicate PH levels
– Increases the metabolism
– Assists with hormonal imbalance
– Restores a proper digestion
– Vitamin and nutrient Boost
– Promotes weight loss
– Increases energy levels
– Restores your digestion
– Breaks cravings
– Eliminates toxins and cleanses the lymphatic system


All detox juices are freshly made early in the morning for you to collect. Most customers collect their 6 juices each day, but you can request to collect all at the start of the detox and freeze. Juices can be stored unopened in a fridge for up to 3 days. Please indicate if you will collect juices each day or all at the same time.


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1 Day, 3 days


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