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The Granny Smith Apple

Pureberry uses the Granny Smith apple in many of our juices such as our Eat your Greens. Here is an interesting story about the origin of the granny smith apple.

The ‘Granny Smith’ apple originated in Eastwood, New South Wales, Australia (now a suburb of Sydney) in 1868. Its discoverer, Maria Ann Smith, had emigrated to the district from Beckley, East Sussex in 1839 with her husband Thomas. They purchased a small orchard in the area in 1855-1856 and began cultivating fruit, for which the area was a well-known for in colonial Australia.

Smith had numerous children and was a prominent figure in the district, earning the nickname “Granny” Smith in her advanced years.

The ‘Granny Smith’ is a tip-bearing apple cultivar. The tree is thought to be a hybrid of Malus sylvestris, the European Wild Apple, with the domestic apple M. domestica as the polliniser. The fruit has hard, light green skin and a crisp, juicy flesh.

Granny Smith is one of several apple cultivars that are high in antioxidant activity, and they boast the highest concentration of phenols amongst the apple breeds. Some sources recommend Granny Smiths (among other apples) as a particularly efficient source of antioxidants, particularly the flavonoids cyanidin and epicatechin, especially if eaten with the skin intact.

Granny Smiths are also naturally low in calories and high in dietary fibre and potassium, making them commonly recommended as a component of healthy and weight-loss diets.

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