We believe in Freedom & Purity. All our raw juice, smoothies & froyo are FREE from refined sugars, artificial flavouring & colourants.



Pureberry is taking a stand against highly refined sugar content, E numbers colouring and chemically manufactured flavours. With childhood diabetes, ADHD and sugar-related illnesses becoming widespread in modern society, there has become an essential need to watch what our families consume. We believe in a sustainable and ethical product that is natural, sugar-free and exceptionally healthy.



An age-old struggle for parents is to encourage children to ‘eat their greens’. The juicing option provides a quick and effortless opportunity to include numerous fruits and vegetables in the diet of both their children and themselves.

Research shows that juicing not only facilitates weight loss and increases energy levels, but also strengthens immunity, builds strong bones and leads to a glowing complexion. Synthetic vitamins or minerals in tablet form may simulate the full benefits of the real thing, but natural juices are more easily and completely absorbed by the body.

Up to 95% of the vitamins and enzymes that our bodies need are found in the juice of raw fruits and vegetables. When you juice; highly concentrated vitamins, minerals and enzymes rapidly enter the bloodstream, absorbing all of the nutritional benefits of the fruits and vegetables and giving your digestive organs a much-needed rest.



The Pureberry Raw Juice Bar is ahead of the curve in South Africa. The Juicing market is booming in the United States and Europe; popping up on street corners, in shopping malls and airports. We not only offer Raw Juices, but also sugar-free smoothies and Brazilian Acai Bowls (unique to SA).


At a time when South Africa was at the height of the frozen yoghurt craze, personal trainer and crossfit fanatic, Clive Edwards longed for a healthy alternative. He noticed that the froyo on the market was packed with sugar & artificial colourants and did not fit in with his health-conscious lifestyle. As a result, Pureberry was born.

Opening its first store in Melville in November 2013, Pureberry embarked on a campaign of offering smoothies with no ice and introducing the concept of juicing to a South African market that has become increasingly aware of the ingredients of the food it consumes.

As the concept of juicing has taken off in our country, it has now become the focus of Pureberry, with frozen yoghurt now being offered as two ingredients within the existing juicing range.

The success of Pureberry saw Clive and partner Leon Smith decide to move to the Bryanston Shopping Centre in August 2014, with a Morningside store opening on the cards for June 2015.

The company has the ability to setup a permanent store or kiosk (the preferable option) and plans are afoot for further franchise opportunities to be established in every major centre of the country.


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